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Hackers Take Over ‘Smart House’ – Learn How To Limit Risk

You've seen those ads where people can control the appliances and lights in their homes from anywhere in the country by using their phones. These so-called "smart houses" are getting very popular, but how smart and safe are they? If you have Wi-Fi, hackers can literally...

What is Premier Property Management Services?

Premier Property Management By Elizabeth Reynolds September 2015 Article 1 of What is Premier Property Management Services?   Given the number of years we have been in the business of commercial and multi-family property management, there is a theme of commonly asked questions by our prospective clients.  In writing this...

Evaluating Real Estate Opportunities

Evaluating Real Estate Opportunities How to Make the Right Choices when Acquiring New Assets By Elizabeth Reynolds   Looking to expand your real estate portfolio? Are you a new investor and interested in building wealth through real estate? Partnering with Reynolds Realty Advisors will help you to achieve your goals fast! We are...

Get Educated with Duane Gomer

“ I personally highly recommend Duane Gomer for all of your real estate education and certification needs.  He is by far the most comprehensive and current service provider and author is this space.” - Elizabeth Reynolds  ...

RRA-Dinner at Arc
Dinner at the Arc

                Dinner with Dion and Leslie co-owners of the Arc in Costa Mesa. Fabulous evening with family and friends, life is good!...

Amazing Team

So blessed to be apart of this amazing team!! Reynolds Realty Advisors, LA county leader....