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Getting Your Rental Listing Show-Ready Quickly

24 Aug Getting Your Rental Listing Show-Ready Quickly

When inventory is low, the pressure to get your rental property listing showing-ready can run seriously high. Super anxious renters and the need maximize your profits during high season create a situation that requires the skills to get prepared to show off a listing in a flash. Here are three tips to help you to do just that.


1. Clean It


When we say clean, we mean clean. Squeaky clean. Military-inspection clean. Not only must floors shine, chrome sparkle and sinks glisten, but appliances should be spotless. Bleach dingy grout and have sidewalks and driveways power-washed. Consider hiring a professional cleaning service.

While wooing buyers with scrumptious sights and smells, you can also encourage them to stay and look around with pleasing background music.


2. Replace, Repair and Fix


Replace old air filters and broken or town screens. Repair or replace any carpet that shows signs of damage (or doesn’t come clean after a professional carpet cleaning). Fix any holes in the walls before applying a fresh new coat of paint. Fix or replace any damaged tiles.


3. Color it Neutral


Paint walls beige, taupe, or other warm, yet subtle hues. A taupe wall with white crown molding always creates a fresh look. Carpet, too, should be neutral. Most furniture looks good with plain walls and floors, enabling buyers to easily envision their things in your home.


Some more quick tips: 


  • Do a walk-through and keep good notes so that you can make plans to address any issues beginning immediately after your tenant moves out.
  • Hire a cleaning service to thoroughly clean the apartment immediately after the tenant moves out.  Hire contractors (if need) in advance as well.
  • Buy any necessary supplies immediately to avoid further delays.


All of these things will contribute to making your rental appealing to highly qualified renters. Need more help? Schedule your free rental consultation today!

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