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We Will Weather This Storm…Together!

06 Apr We Will Weather This Storm…Together!

It seems that life has hit the pause button…but we must resist the urge to press the off button. There is no denying that this “new normal” is different, challenging, and uncertain. However, we as real estate professionals, and we as a people, cannot simply stop life altogether. And remember– you are not alone! Please do not hesitate to reach out if there is anything our team can do to be of assistance. In the meantime, we have put together some thoughts on how we all can weather this storm.

Communication is KEY

While here at RRA, we are fortunate to already have a work from home procedure and setup in place, many teams are going fully remote for the first time. Our best piece of advice for you on working as a remote team is to communicate. Schedule regular check in calls, keep a group task list, create a shared calendar, whatever you need to make sure that your team is all on the same page. And don’t shy away from some social communication as well. If your team is used to all working in the office together, schedule a lunchtime zoom call so everyone can eat their lunch and catch up or schedule some 1:1 coffee chats between supervisors and their departments.

Use Your Time Wisely

In an uncertain world, we must take comfort and find strength in things that we can control. More than likely your schedule has drastically changed. If you find that you have a lighter load than usual, put that time to use! Think over the past few months and all the items you wanted to do “if only you had the time.” Well, whether you want it or not, the time is here, so you might as well take advantage of it. Even if you don’t start any “big” projects, spend the time getting organized, clearing out old files, or updating your website. You might even find some ways to get ahead. Many of us have required and recommended annual trainings. Get a jumpstart on those! Whatever you choose to tackle, be sure to give yourself deadlines or the time may slip away from you.

Support Each Other

While the saying “a little compassion goes a long way” has always been true, it is now something we each must take to heart. Each and every one of us is dealing with an uncertain time right now. Offer your clients, your tenants, and your community whatever support you can. If you have valuable advice or resources, now is the time to share it!

And on that note, our team is here for our YOU 100%. If there is a question we can answer for you or a resource we can provide, please do not hesitate to contact us– client or not.

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