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Apartment Investing

Frequently Asked Questions

Given the number of years Reynolds Realty Advisors has been in the business of commercial and multi-family property management, we have found a number of commonly asked questions by our prospective clients.  In writing this article, we hope to create more clarity and transparency about...

Commercial and Multi-Family Property Exit Strategies

How to make the right choices for your Portfolio, by Elizabeth Reynolds, Broker/Owner of Reynolds Realty Advisors and RE/MAX Platinum Properties Published in the Apartment Association of Southern California Cities, May 2016 issue ...

12 Tenant Red Flags You Should Watch Out For
12 Tenant Red Flags You Should Watch Out For

Income Credit Score Criminal Record Bad Landlord References Aggressive or Large Breeds of Dogs Moving Too Often Looking to Move in Less than 2 Weeks Living with Relatives or a in a Motel Changing Jobs Too Often Owing Money to the State Paying Deposit After Move In Disheveled persons and cars ...

Southern California Real estate Investing Group Directory

Real Estate Investment clubs generally meet locally and allow investors and other professionals to network and learn. They can provide extremely useful information for both the novice and expert real estate investor. A top real estate club can provide a great forum to network, learn about...

apartment investing success stories
Apartment Investing Success Stories

When it comes to apartment investing success, it pays to stay motivated and allow yourself to be inspired. In apartment investing, success stories give us the courage to overcome obstacles and inspiration to establish and go after more goals. For beginners, they offer evidence that creative real estate...

building a real estate empire
Building a Real Estate Empire: the 5 Rules

Looking into building a real estate empire? Whether you're just starting out or well on your way, these rules will provide guidance towards that goal.   Any knowledgeable real estate investor knows that putting money into a rental properties is more than just signing and collecting checks. The passive...